Clean Air Plants

Quick View Sansevieria Silver Nymph at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

2.5" Sansevieria Silver Nymph

This cultivar of the ever-popular Sansevieria truly lives up to its name, needing very little maintenance, and even outright neglect! Silver Nymph is easily identifiable by their pineapple-like leaves, which are light, almost silvery-green covered in...
Quick View 2.5" Bird's Nest Sansevieria at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

2.5" Bird's Nest Sansevieria

Sansevieria ‘Bird's Nest’ is a compact variety of Sansevieria that’s great for small spaces. Bird's Nest is easily identifiable by its distinguished, funnel-shaped leaves that flourish in vibrant green patterns. Like other types of Snake Plants, this...
Quick View 8" Pothos Plant at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

8" Pothos Hanging Baskets

Here’s an assortment of Pothos plants to add to your growing plant collection. Reputable and widely popular as houseplants, these trailing vines look great in hanging baskets or small pots. They offer lots of attractive varieties with green, heart-shaped...
Quick View 8" Philodendron at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

8" Philodendron Hanging Baskets

Philodendrons are ideal for novice plant lovers and collectors alike. A must-have addition to your indoor jungle, these luxurious foliage plants feature heart-shaped, green leaves. You’d often find these no-fail plants growing as vines in hanging baskets...
Quick View 10" Sansevieria

10" Sansevieria

A top favourite of both beginners and experts in plant care, Sansevieria always makes it in the list of the most popular houseplants. This classic air-purifying plant features simple yet stunning leaves that take your home styling to the next level. Also...
Quick View Sansevieria masoniana, Shark Fin Plant grown at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

4'' Shark Fin

Shark Fin, also known as Whale Fin, is a rare and widely popular variety of snake plant. Sansevieria masoniana is often grown as a single-leaf specimen and gets its common name because of the distinctive shape of this wide, paddle-like leaf. This sturdy...
Quick View 10'' Dracaena Rikki Cane

10'' Dracaena Rikki Cane

Dracaena Rikki Canes have narrow leaves in a shade of deep green with lemon-lime striping down the length of the foliage. This foliage sprouts from the tops of sturdy canes. While it can tolerate medium to low light, Dracaena Rikki will lose its vibrant...
Quick View Ruby Rubber Plant, Ficus elastica

4" Rubber Plant Ruby

Ficus elastica Ruby is a variegated variety of rubber plant that is distinguishable by the pink to red tint on its tri-coloured leaves. To help the foliage maintain its variety of colours, keep the plant in bright, indirect sunlight. Belonging to the fig...
Quick View Ficus elastica, Burgundy Rubber Plant

10" Rubber Plant Burgundy

Rubber Plant Burgundy, also known as Ficus elastica, has thick shiny leaves in a rich red colour. Belonging to the fig family, Moraceae, these plants don't just look good, they also help to clean the air of pollutants. Rubber Plants can be enjoyed as...
Quick View Peace Lily Plant

10" Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum Peace Lily is a classic ornamental plant and a long-time favourite of many plant hobbyists and collectors. While its flowers remind you of calla lilies, this famed air cleaning plant is not a true lily since it’s actually a part of the Arum...
Quick View 6" Neon Marguerite Ficus

6" Neon Marguerite Ficus

Ficus benjamina Ficus is a popular house plant because of its easy-going nature and its variety of heights, shapes, and textures. While they are easy to grow, they do prefer to stay put. Keep your ficus plant in one place in your home or office where it...