Clean Air Plants

Quick View Sansevieria masoniana, Shark Fin Plant grown at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

4'' Shark Fin

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Shark Fin, also known as Whale Fin, is a rare and widely popular variety of snake plant. Sansevieria masoniana is often grown as a single-leaf specimen and gets its common name because of the distinctive shape of this wide, paddle-like leaf. This sturdy...
Quick View Ruby Rubber Plant, Ficus elastica

4'' Rubber Plant Ruby

Ficus elastica Ruby is a variegated variety of rubber plant that is distinguishable by the pink to red tint on its tri-coloured leaves. To help the foliage maintain its variety of colours, keep the plant in bright, indirect sunlight. Belonging to the fig...
Quick View Ficus elastica, Burgundy Rubber Plant

10" Rubber Plant Burgundy Standard

This beautiful Burgundy Rubber Plant is sure to stand out amongst your plant collection due to its rich, glossy leaves that range in colour from burgundy red to almost black. Rubber Plants can be enjoyed as small to medium indoor house plants by...
Quick View Phoenix Roebelenii Palm, Tropical Plant

Phoenix Roebelenii Palm

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Also known as a Pygmy Date Palm, this slow-growing ornamental plant displays a dense crown of arching fronds attached to a sturdy trunk. Phoenix Roebelenii likes indirect sunlight because it naturally grows under a compact canopy of larger foliage in...
Quick View Aloe Vera Plant at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

4" Aloe Vera

One of the most forgiving and beginner-friendly houseplants you’d find is an Aloe Vera. Great for either outdoors or indoors, it has gained popularity for its striking blue-green, green, or grey-green leaves, health benefits, and air-purifying ability...
Quick View Monstera Adansonii - Swiss Cheese, Tropical Plant

2.5" Monstera Adansonii - Swiss Cheese

This variety of philodendron is a must-have addition to your indoor jungle. This plant is well known for its stunning heart-shaped, split leaves in a striking deep green colour, that can easily grow to massive widths. Monstera has a tendency to grow out...
Quick View Calathea Rattlesnake Plant

2.5" Calathea Rattlesnake

The show-stopping Rattlesnake Plant has narrow leaves that end at a point, making it stand-out from other varieties of Calathea. On top, the foliage is bright green with edges and spots in dark green. On the bottom, you will find a rich purple-red colour...
Quick View 4" Ivy Plant

4" Ivy

Ivy is a very versatile plant that offers different growing options to show off its beautiful foliage. Allow the vines to trail down from a pot or hanging basket, or train them on a trellis frame to grow upwards. Ivy's shiny, heart-shaped leaves come in...
Quick View Calathea roseopicta - Rosy

2.5" Calathea Rosy

This stunning variety of Calathea has broad, densely packed bright pink leaves with deep green edges. New foliage will emerge bright green and darken in colour over time. Like other varieties of Calathea, expect the leaves to open and close with the time...
Quick View Calathea Red Mojo

2.5" Calathea Red Mojo

The beautiful Red Mojo Calathea is characterized by its dark green, almost black, oval-shaped leaves with bright pink outlining. New growth emerges as bright green and pink but darkens over time. Like other varieties of Calathea, expect the leaves to...
Quick View 4" Ficus Elastica, Burgundy Rubber Plant

4" Rubber Plant Burgundy

Rubber Plant Tineke, also known as Variegated Rubber Plant, is distinguishable by its patterned leaves of varying shades including, green, white, pink or red. To help the leaves maintain their variety of colours, keep the plant in bright, indirect...
Quick View 2.5" Chlorophytum comosum, Spider Plant

2.5" Spider Plant

Spider Plants are popular houseplants recognized for their air-purifying abilities and striking foliage. Although there are various spider plants available, the most common ones typically exhibit thin and narrow green leaves with distinctive white...