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Quick View 4" Dracaena Lemon Lime

4" Dracaena Lemon Lime

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The stunning Dracaena Lemon Lime is easily identifiable by its long, narrow, sword-like leaves. In addition to being rigid, the leaves of this variety exhibit vibrant stripes of white, green and neon yellow. While the colour and stripe details on this...
Quick View 2.5" Sansevieria Francissii Spiky

2.5" Sansevieria Francissii Spiky

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This cultivar of the ever-popular Sansevieria truly lives up to its name, needing very little maintenance, and even outright neglect! Spiky are easily identifiable by their thin, cylindrical leaves, tipped with a sharp thorn. These leaves are light,...
Quick View 2.5" Sansevieria Samurai

2.5" Sansevieria Samurai

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Sansevieria ‘Samurai’ is a lovely cultivar of Sansevieria known best for its V-shaped foliage and easy care level. The leaves are short and bluish-green with hints of red on the edges and tips. They emerge from the stem alternately, giving out the famed...
Quick View 2.5" Sansevieria Mikado Fernwood

2.5" Sansevieria Mikado Fernwood

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Sansevieria Mikado Fernwood has a striking profile due to the dozens of thin cylindrical leaves seemingly erupting out of the soil in a fountain of variegated greens. Like other Sansevieria, Mikado Fernwood can grow in a variety of lighting conditions...
Quick View 2.5" Sansevieria Boncel Starfish

2.5" Sansevieria Boncel Starfish

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Sansevieria ‘Starfish’ is a compact variety of Sansevieria that’s great for small spaces. The leaves are light green, upright, and cylindrical. They emerge alternately from a central point at the base of the plant, forming a fan-like shape that resembles...
Quick View 2.5" Aloe Vera Medicine Plant

2.5" Aloe Vera

One of the most forgiving and beginner-friendly houseplants you’d find is an Aloe Vera. Great for either indoors or outdoors in the summer, it has gained popularity for its striking blue-green, green, or grey-green leaves, health benefits, and...
Quick View 10" Monstera Deliciosa at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

10" Monstera Split Leaf Philodendron

An iconic must-have addition to any plant lover's collection, Monstera Deliciosa is as easy to care for as it is beautiful. With deep green, heart-shaped leaves that can easily grow to massive widths, this plant is well known for the vertical splits that...