Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Quick View Kalanchoes, Flowering Succulent

4" Kalanchoes

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana If you're interested in a low-maintenance plant with bright long-lasting flowers, then look no further than Kalanchoe! This unique succulent produces clusters of small flowers...
Quick View Polyscias fruticosa, Ming Aralia

4" Ming Aralia

Polyscias fruticosa The naturally twisted stems and fernlike foliage make this Ming Aralia a true treasure. Let its natural Bonsai-like appearance add a special touch to your home or office. Display...
Quick View Mint

4" Mint

Mint is a spreading plant with numerous upright roots. Its green foliage is strong in scent and flavour.Whole plants are cut as flowering begins. Pinch or cut leaves during the growing season and use...
Quick View 4" Pachira Aquatica, Money Tree

4" Money Tree

Heralded around the world for its ability to bring wealth and prosperity into its plant parent's home, this Money Tree is a beautiful addition to any space. Money Trees prefer to be in bright...
Quick View 4" Monstera Minima

4" Monstera Minima

This variety of philodendron is a must-have addition to your indoor jungle. This plant is well known for it's stunning heart-shaped, split leaves in a striking deep green colour, that can easily grow...
Quick View Nephthytis Butterfly Plant, 4" Tropical

4" Nephthytis Butterfly

Also known as Arrowhead Plant.  This naturally bushy plant is an indoor favourite because of its broad leaves and easy-going nature. As the plant grows and matures it starts to vine, giving you the...
Quick View Araucaria heterophylla, Norfolk Island Pine

4" Norfolk Island Pine

Araucaria heterophylla Though they may resemble a cold-tolerant pine tree, Norfolk Island Pines are considered tropical plants. As such, they are not cold hardy, prefer high humidity, and...
Quick View 4" Olive Tree at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

4" Olive Tree

The Olive Tree was regarded by the Ancient Greeks as a traditional symbol of harmony, wisdom, and triumph. Native to the Mediterranean, the Olive Tree is a slow-growing evergreen that features...
Quick View 4" Peace Lily

4" Peace Lily

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Peace Lily is a classic ornamental plant and a long-time favourite of many plant hobbyists and collectors. While its flowers remind you of calla lilies, this famed air cleaning plant is not a true...