Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Quick View 2.5" Peperomia  Obtusifolia, Marbled Peperomia at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

2.5" Peperomia Obtusifolia

This variety of Peperomia has creamy white and green variegated leaves. It is a semi-succulent, which explains its waxy leaves and easy-going temperament. The Peperomia Obtusifolia is a perfect plant...
Quick View 2.5" Peperomia Hope

2.5" Peperomia Hope

Peperomia Hope is a hybrid between two other species of Peperomia: Peperomia Quadrifolia and Peperomia Deppeana. This variety is a low growing plant whose stems trail as they grow- making them ideal...
Quick View 2.5" Sansevieria Boncel Starfish

2.5" Sansevieria Boncel Starfish

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Sansevieria ‘Starfish’ is a compact variety of Sansevieria that’s great for small spaces. The leaves are light green, upright, and cylindrical. They emerge alternately from a central point at the...
Quick View 2.5" Sansevieria Samurai

2.5" Sansevieria Samurai

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Sansevieria ‘Samurai’ is a lovely cultivar of Sansevieria known best for its V-shaped foliage and easy care level. The leaves are short and bluish-green with hints of red on the edges and tips. They...
Quick View 2.5" Chlorophytum comosum, Spider Plant

2.5" Spider Plant

Spider Plants are popular houseplants recognized for their air-purifying abilities and striking foliage. Although there are various spider plants available, the most common ones typically exhibit...
Quick View 2.5" String of Banana

2.5" String of Banana

Similar to String of Pearls, this succulent is easy to spot with its elongated, banana shaped leaves. String of Banana plants are fast-growing with thick stems, making them a great choice for...
Quick View 2.5" String of Hearts, Pretty Pink Variegation at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

2.5" String of Hearts

It is easy to see how String of Hearts gets its name after you view the long trailing vines covered in beautifully variegated heart-shaped leaves. Keep these plants in a space with bright, indirect...