Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Quick View 2.5" String of Hearts

2.5" String of Hearts

It is easy to see how String of Hearts gets its name after you view the long trailing vines covered in beautifully variegated heart-shaped leaves. Keep these plants in a space with bright, indirect...
Quick View 2.5" String of Pearl

2.5" String of Pearls

Also called string of beads, this succulent is known for its delicate pearl-like leaves adorned across its viney stems.  Perfect for a hanging basket or the edge of a shelf, the cascading stems will...
Quick View 2.5" Tiger Jaw Succulent

2.5" Tiger Jaw Succulent

Faucaria tigrina Tiger Jaw is a perennial succulent belonging to the stone plant family. Its fleshy leaves are low-growing and form clumps of star-shaped rosettes. Tiger Jaw is named for the soft,...
Quick View 2.5'' Calathea Vittata

2.5'' Calathea Vittata

Calathea vittata has stunning bright green foliage with creamy white stripes that look as if they were painted. Like other varieties of Calathea, expect the leaves to open and close with the time of...
Quick View 2.5'' Day of the Dead Pot

2.5'' Day of the Dead Pot

This glazed, ceramic planter has a beautiful yet spooky patterning and fits up to a 2.5" plant. It can also be used as a candy dish, accent piece on charcuterie boards and countertop craft supply...
Quick View 3'' Anthurium

3'' Anthurium

Anthuriums, also known as Laceleaf, are indoor tropical plants with brightly coloured and unique waxy leaves that resemble flowers. They are durable, easy-care plants that give off an exotic and...
Quick View Sansevieria trifasciata Hahnii, Bird's Nest Sansevieria

3.25" Birds Nest Sansevieria

Sansevieria ‘Bird's Nest’ is a compact variety of Sansevieria that’s great for small spaces. Bird's Nest is easily identifiable by its distinguished, funnel-shaped leaves that flourish in vibrant...
Quick View 3.25" Pitcher Plant

3.25" Pitcher Plant

The Pitcher Plant is one of the most fascinating carnivorous plants that can attract anyone’s attention in an instant. A great conversation piece, it flaunts fleshy funnels or pitcher-like tubes that...