Quick View Italian Parsley

4" Italian Parsley

Plain or Italian Parsley has flat, dark green foliage, is hardier, weather-resistant, and larger than curly varieties. To harvest, pick over the entire plant regularly to encourage fresh new growth. Use fresh or dry and store in sealed jars or freeze...
Quick View Rosemary Plant at Colasanti's Tropical gardens

4" Rosemary

Rosmarinus officinalis Rosemary is an upright evergreen shrub, with tough, dark-green needle-like leaves. Its flowers are a pale whitish-blue and bloom in clusters. Use with chicken, fish, pork, potatoes, or in stews. Try it in butter or in cream cheese,...
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4" Basil Italian Genovese

The medium size, dark green leaves on this basil plant have an almost sweet scent and taste. Use in Italian dishes, on sandwiches, flavouring vegetables, poultry, fish, or make pesto!Pick leaves and young shoots fresh throughout the summer. Leaves can...