Plant Accessories

Quick View Unglazed Cement Pot with Black Embossed Pattern

Pescara Pot

$5.99 - $16.49
An unglazed, white pot with an ornate, embossed print in black. Small size fits a 2.5" plant or 3.25" plant.Large size fits a 4" plant. 
Quick View Ceramic Green Frog Pot for Plants

Footed Green Frog Pot

$3.79 - $8.99
A vivid lime green, glazed pot with the face of a frog and a charming bowtie.Pot stands on four legs and fits a 4" plant.
Quick View Ceramic Aqua-Coloured Pot with Stripe Pattern and Small Legs

Footed Aqua Pot

$3.99 - $14.99
This captivating aqua blue, glazed pot has a rim of thin, black, vertical stripes on a white background and an aqua base. Small pot fits a 2.5" plant, medium pot fits a 4" plant and large pot fits 6".
Quick View Matte White Ceramic Pot for Plants

Adelaide Pot

$9.99 - $21.99
This elegant, white pot has eye-catching details with a matte finish. Small - fits up to a 5" plant.Large - fits up to an 8" plant. Oval - fits up to two 4" plants.
Quick View Glazed Clay Saucers

Glazed Clay Saucer

$1.39 - $22.99
Clay saucers with a shiny glaze on top to match with one of our clay/terra cotta pots or dishes.