Plant Accessories

Quick View Bloem Saturn Planter

Saturn Planter

$3.79 - $24.99
This stylish plastic pot with a textured finish looks great in both casual or formal settings. The Saturn Planter makes watering easier with its pre-drilled drainage holes and attached saucer tray to capture excess water. Available in colourful or...
Quick View Kokedama Moss Ball

Kokedama Moss Ball

Kokedama translates to "moss ball" in Japanese. It is the tradition in Japanese gardening that wraps a plant's root ball with moss for it to be hung or mounted on a pedestal. Simply pick your favourite plants. We recommend ivy, ferns, orchids, and...
Quick View Matte White Wicker Pattern Pot

Matte White Wicker Pattern Pot

$6.99 - $13.99
A ceramic pot with a matte finish. Three rope-looking rows sit above a chevron pattern on the base of the pot. 4" Pot Dimensions:4.7"DX4.3"H 6" Pot Dimensions:6.7"DX5.7"H  
Quick View Tripod Planter - Dot and Grid

Tripod Planter - Dot and Grid

$6.99 - $24.99
This unglazed, gray cement pot with wood legs is available in two sizes. Small- fits a 1.5" or 2.5" plant.Large- fits up to a 4" plant. XLarge - fits a 6" plant. 
Quick View Beige/Natural Straw Basket

Beige/Natural Straw Basket

$24.99 - $49.99
A woven straw basket in beige on top and a natural tone on the bottom is available in three sizes. This basket's simple style will add a comfy cozy touch to your indoor space. Small- fits an 8" pot.Medium- fits a 10" pot.Large- fits a 12" pot.
Quick View Wash Clay Pot

Wash Clay Pot

$2.20 - $7.99
An unglazed clay pot with a wash finish. Available in two neutral tones: granite and basalt.
Quick View Dayton Planter

Dayton Planter

$2.49 - $15.99
The Dayton Planter is part of Bloem's Ocean Series, which includes beautiful designs and products made from sourced ocean plastic. These planters consist of 25% reprocessed material from marine waste and 75% curbside waste, allowing you to feel 100% good...
Quick View Natural Seagrass Belly Basket

Natural Seagrass Belly Basket

$20.99 - $26.99
Medium Basket Dimensions:12″ dia x 10″H  13.5″OAHTop Opening: 8.5″ diaMiddle Belly Height:  5″H Large Basket Dimensions:15.5″dia x 13″H    16.5″OAHTop Opening: 12.5″ diaMid Belly...