Plant Accessories

Quick View Geometric Shape Pot - Green

Geometric Shape Pot - Green

$2.79 - $4.89
A modern twist on the classic terracotta planter.These pots are perfect for sprucing up a plant collection and adding extra visual interest to home decor.
Quick View Embossed Pot w/ Legs

Embossed Pot w/ Legs

$3.79 - $6.99
This ceramic planter is the perfect blend of functionality and beauty. The clean and simple embossed lines add eye-catching texture to soft hues of white or terra cotta.
Quick View Terracotta Pot w/ Legs

Terracotta Pot w/ Legs

$2.69 - $3.99
Add a little playful styling to your home decor with these terracotta planters. Choose from patterning in pastel paint colours or a fresh shade of green. 
Quick View Sitting Dude Planter

Sitting Dude Planter

$6.59 - $6.99
Small plants won't go unnoticed in this sitting dude planter. Choose the legs down style and place it at the edge of a shelf or table, or select the legs up style that suits any flat surface.Both styles fit a 1.5" plant. *The legs down style does not...
Quick View Cement flower pot with raised lavender print

Lavender Design Planter

$9.99 - $29.99
The understated beauty of this circular cement planter with a raised lavender design fits perfectly with a variety of home decor. Small - 4"H and 3.5" OpeningMedium - 4"H and 4.5" OpeningLarge- 7"H and 7"Opening
Quick View Better-Gro Orchid Potting Mix at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Special Orchid Potting Mix

$8.99 - $12.99
A multipurpose potting mixture for any epiphytic orchids. It consists of western fir bark, hardwood charcoal, and sponge rock. This mix provides the drainage, air flow, and root ventilation that orchids have in nature.  
Quick View Bloem Saturn Planters On Sale

Saturn Planter

$4.69 - $18.99
This stylish plastic pot with a textured finish looks great in both casual or formal settings. The Saturn Planter makes watering easier with its pre-drilled drainage holes and attached saucer tray to capture excess water. Available in colourful or...