Plant Accessories

Quick View Cannes Planters

Cannes Planters

$7.99 - $17.99
A customer favourite, our Cannes planters add an elegant touch to any plant or arrangement. Dimensions6" Dish: 6"D x 3.5"H8" Dish: 8"D x 3.5"H 4" Pot: 4.75"D x 4.25"H6" Pot: 6.75"D x 5.5"H  
Quick View White Ceramic Pot for Plants with a Peaceful Face

Serene Pots

$2.89 - $17.99
This cream colour pot with a glaze finish features a peaceful face, is available in two sizes.  
Quick View Clear Plastic Saucer

Clear Saucers

$0.49 - $4.29
These clear vinyl saucers help catch excess water that escapes from a pot's drainage holes, saving your floors or furniture from water damage.
Quick View Round and Oval Clay Scallop Planter

Green Scallop Planter

$12.99 - $24.99
Add some elegance to your favourite plant with this Scallop Planter. Crafted out of stoneware, this green planter is available in two shapes and features an overlapping scallop pattern. Small Round - fits a 4" plant. Small Oval - fits two, 3.25" to 4"...
Quick View Ceramic Rabbit Pot

Bunny with Ears Planter

$7.99 - $12.99
Made from ceramic, this unique rabbit-shaped planter with extended ears combines unglazed elements with glazed accents for a whimsical, charming look. Available in two sizes.Small - fits a 2.5" plant.Large - fits a 4" plant. 
Quick View White Cement Planter with Green Embossed Flowers.

Hippie Flower Planters

$7.99 - $21.99
Crafted out of cement, this cream-coloured planter is accented with a textured green floral pattern. Available in three sizes.Small- fits a 3.25" plant or smaller.Medium- fits a 4" plant.Large- fits a 6" plant.
Quick View Ceramic Copenhagen Pot

Copenhagen Pot

$8.99 - $18.99
A glazed, ceramic pot with an embossed pattern. Available in 2 sizes and multiple colours.
Quick View Dotted Ceramic Pot in Black, Grey, White, and Pink

Shiny Dotted Striped Pot

$6.99 - $17.99
A shiny, glazed, ceramic pot with indented dot details running in parallel lines. Available in a variety of sizes and colours.
Quick View Shiny White Ceramic Pot

Shiny Ribbed Pot

$6.99 - $17.99
A simple but elegant white-glazed pot with a vertical ribbed pattern.Available in two sizes. Small- fits a 4" plant.Large- Fits a 6" plant.