Plant Arrangements

Quick View Fall Patio Planter at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

10 " Fall Planter

Decorate your porch with one of our beautiful seasonal planters. They are the perfect blend of Fall colours and tropical foliage.  Plant varieties can include: millet, dusty miller, croton, peperomia, celosia. Available in either black or beige 10”...
Quick View Velvet Tipped Sansevieria Arrangement

Velvet Tipped Sansevieria Arrangement

Our Valencia bowl is a fitting home for a variety of succulents, including a customer favourite: velvet-tipped sansevieria. This bold arrangement is the perfect statement piece and is sure to catch the attention of any guest. It's a collection of...
Quick View Basalt Tuscan Bowl Arrangement

Basalt Tuscan Bowl Arrangement

$63.99 - $109.99
This unglazed clay bowl with a wash finish is the perfect home for a variety of succulent and cactus plants.  Available in two sizes:10.5" x 4": Comes with a standard sansevieria plant and a mixed variety of cacti and succulents that may change according...
Quick View Terrarium with Tillandsia at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Mini Terrarium Favours

This open-air terrarium arrangement is simple, yet modern with a pop of colour. Measuring at 3.5", it doesn't take up a lot of space but offers a variety of styling options. Place the glass bubble on a flat surface or hang it to create an eye-catching...
Quick View Cactus Arrangement at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Desert Arrangement

This desert arrangement is a collection of drought-resistant plants in a ceramic dish and decorative stones. It is available with your choice of either succulents or cacti. Plant varieties may change based on availability. Pot dimensions: 5 inch diameter...
Quick View Sansevieria Arrangement at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Sansevieria Sitting Dude Arrangement

Our cute sitting dude planters have stylish hairstyles with these 2.5" sansevieria plants. Choose from two different seated positions: Legs up which fits on any flat surface and legs down which is meant for the edge of a shelf, table, or counter. *The...
Quick View White Dotted Rim Pot w/ Peace Lily Arrangement

White Dotted Rim Pot w/ Peace Lily Arrangement

$14.99 - $28.99
The simplicity of this ceramic planter is sure to blend in with any decor and really shows off the vibrant green of a Peace Lily's leaves. Available in a smaller planter with a 4" Peace Lily or a larger planter with a 6" Peace Lily.