Quick View Tillandsia Air Plants at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Tillandsia Variety

Unique and low maintenance, Tillandsia are air plants with different forms, sizes, and colours. Unlike most plants, they don’t need soil to grow. You can showcase them in fun pots, containers, and terrariums.  
Quick View 2.5" String of Hearts

2.5" String of Hearts

It is easy to see how String of Hearts gets its name after you view the long trailing vines covered in beautifully variegated heart-shaped leaves. Keep these plants in a space with bright, indirect light. Direct light may create large empty gaps between...
Quick View Tillandsia Xerographica

Tillandsia Xerographica

$11.99 - $19.99
This stunning air plant is one of those pieces that you’d definitely want to put on display. In fact, it wouldn’t be dubbed as the “Queen of Air Plants” for no reason! This slow-growing epiphyte’s majestic appeal, curling leaf structure, and spherical...
Quick View Chlorophytum comosum, Snake Plant

6" Spider Plant Hanging Basket

Chlorophytum comosum Spider Plants are popular house plants recognized for their air-purifying abilities and striking foliage. The most common varieties typically exhibit thin, narrow green leaves with distinctive white stripes. The leaves gracefully...
Quick View 6" Sansevieria

6" Sansevieria

This product is currently part of a Buy One Get One Free Promotion.Your free plant will automatically be sent to your shopping cart. Sansevieria trifasciata A top favourite of both beginners and experts in plant care, Sansevieria always makes it in the...
Quick View Pothos Hanging Basket

6" Pothos Hanging Baskets

Here’s an assortment of Pothos plants to add to your growing plant collection. Reputable and widely popular as houseplants, these trailing vines look great in hanging baskets or small pots. They offer lots of attractive varieties with green, heart-shaped...
Quick View Philodendron Hanging Baskets at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

6" Philodendron Hanging Baskets

Here’s a hand-picked set of easy-to-care-for Philodendrons that are ideal for novice plant lovers and collectors alike. A must-have addition to your indoor jungle, these luxurious foliage plants feature leaves in varying sizes, shapes, textures, and...
Quick View 6" Jade Plant

6" Jade

Jade Plants, also known as Lucky Plants or Friendship Plants, are beautiful and easy to care for. They are often given as gifts as they have been thought to bring good luck to their owners. Jades are succulent plants, which makes them fairly resilient...
Quick View Boston Fern Hanging Basket

6" Boston Fern Hanging Basket

This product is currently part of a Buy One Get One Free Promotion.Your free plant will automatically be sent to your shopping cart. Nephrolepis exaltata Boston ferns are customer favourite for both inside and outside the home. They look great on a patio...
Quick View 4" Staghorn Fern

4" Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern got its name from its antler-like, green, and leathery leaves. It’s one of the most unusual yet beautiful houseplants that add a tropical look to your space. Just hang it in baskets or place it on branches, and this famed fern will do...
Quick View 4" Sansevieria Silver Nymph

4" Sansevieria Silver Nymph

This cultivar of the ever-popular Sansevieria truly lives up to its name, needing very little maintenance, and even outright neglect! Silver Nymph is easily identifiable by their pineapple-like leaves, which are light, almost silvery-green covered in...