Quick View Valencia Wave Bowl

Valencia Wave Bowl

$36.99 - $49.99
An innovative composite resin that blends stone with recycled plastic to create a durable and decorative finish that is sure to complement any decor, indoors or out. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Weather and UV resistant Drainage hole...
Quick View Classic Planter Pink

Classic Planter Pink

$9.99 - $36.99
Elevate the way you house your favourite plants with this trendy Classic Planter. Crafted out of stoneware in Portugal, this planter is perfectly on-trend with its subdued pastel pink colour — an elegant, understated complement to any style of decor.
Quick View Kiera Mug

Kiera Mug

Bring a touch of the spring season home with this adorable floral mug. Pair it with a timeless tropical or flowering plant of your choice. This decorative planter fits up to a 4" pot. 
Quick View Andrew Planter at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Andrew Planter

$13.99 - $29.99
The Andrew planter is a whimsical decor element for eclectic interiors. Beautifully crafted of white resin, it's equally charming whether filled with fresh flowers or your favourite houseplant.
Quick View Ginny Pottery at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Ginny Pot

$5.99 - $23.99
A white-glazed pot with an intended circle pattern and glossy finish.  Dimensions:Small - 3.25" x 3"Medium - 4.75" x 4.5"Large - 6.75" x 6.5"
Quick View Maize Plant Stand with Wooden Legs at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Maize Natural/Brown Planter with Legs

$24.99 - $39.99
A beautiful maize planter in natural tones with a plastic liner and three wooden legs. Available in three sizesSmall - 13" in height and fits a 4" to 6" plant.Medium - 17" in height and fits a 6" to 8" plant.Large - 23" in height and fits an 8" plant.   
Quick View Wicker Basket Plant Stand with Plastic Liner and Wooden Legs

Cream Wicker Basket With Legs

$24.99 - $38.99
A cream colour, woven wicker basket with a plastic liner and three wooden legs.  Available in 2 sizes. Small- 13" in height and fits a 4" or 6" pot.Large- 17" in height and fits 6" or 8" pot.
Quick View 4" White and Silver Pot at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Noel Pot

$3.89 - $7.59
The Noel pot is white with silver accents and looks beautiful with other modern decor or Christmas arrangements. This pot fits up to a 4" plant. 
Quick View Little Lamb Pottery at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Little Lamb Pot

$7.99 On Sale
A lamb-faced pot in glazed blush, lavender or white with unglazed ears, legs and nose. This charming pottery fits a 2.5" plant.