Specialty Plants

Quick View 5" Persian Lime Citrus Tree

5" Persian Lime Citrus

These grafted varieties of trees are well suited to smaller containers and allow you to grow citrus plants indoors. They have glossy green foliage and a beautiful fragrance. During summer months they may be placed either inside or outside, but not in a...
Quick View 4" Cat Grass

4" Cat Grass

Also known as Pet Grass, this indoor, annual plant is a popular digestive aid for cats and provides a natural way to add more vitamins to their diet. Even though pets will nibble on this plant, it is recommended to trim it back once the grass starts to...
Quick View 3.25" Pitcher Plant

3.25" Pitcher Plant

The Pitcher Plant is one of the most fascinating carnivorous plants that can attract anyone’s attention in an instant. A great conversation piece, it flaunts fleshy funnels or pitcher-like tubes that trap insects and small animals. The elongated,...
Quick View 4" Mimosa Plant, Sensitive Plant

4" Mimosa

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Mimosa, also known as Sensitive Plant, can easily catch anyone’s attention with its unique and captivating features. The prickly tropical and creeping shrub is a fun houseplant to have – especially when you have kids around! The leaves may...
Quick View Tillandsia Air Plants at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Tillandsia Variety

Unique and low maintenance, Tillandsia are air plants with different forms, sizes, and colours. Unlike most plants, they don’t need soil to grow. You can showcase them in fun pots, containers, and terrariums.  
Quick View Tillandsia Xerographica

Tillandsia Xerographica

$11.99 - $19.99
This stunning air plant is one of those pieces that you’d definitely want to put on display. In fact, it wouldn’t be dubbed as the “Queen of Air Plants” for no reason! This slow-growing epiphyte’s majestic appeal, curling leaf structure, and spherical...
Quick View 4" Juniper Bonsai

4" Juniper Bonsai

Recognized as one of the most popular types of bonsai, Juniper has been a favorite of many bonsai enthusiasts for its impressive appearance. It’s great for beginners, too, since it’s easy to care for and won’t mind if you pay a little attention...
Quick View 2.25" Venus Fly Trap at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

2.25" Venus Fly Trap in Bubble

Best known for its carnivorous eating habits and unique look, Venus Flytrap surely makes an exciting addition to your space! The part that traps flies and other insects is, in fact, a modified leaf with two lip-like blades. Interestingly, each blade...