Tropical Plants

Quick View 4" Coffee Plant

4" Coffee

With its beautiful foliage and resilient nature, the Coffee plant’s popularity as an indoor houseplant continues to rise to the top. While the growing conditions in your home may not be sufficient to produce fruits, this plant’s large, dark green, glossy...
Quick View 4" Dracaena Warneckii

4" Dracaena Warneckii

The stunning Dracaena Warneckii is easily identifiable by its long, narrow, sword-like leaves. In addition to being rigid, the leaves of this variety exhibit vibrant stripes of white and green. While the colour and stripe details on this plant are often...
Quick View 4" Pachira Aquatica, Money Tree

4" Money Tree

Pachira aquatica Heralded around the world for its ability to bring wealth and prosperity into its plant parent's home, this Money Tree is a beautiful addition to any space. Money Trees prefer to be in bright indirect light and are a beginner's dream...
Quick View 4" Mimosa Plant, Sensitive Plant

4" Mimosa

Mimosa, also known as Sensitive Plant, can easily catch anyone’s attention with its unique and captivating features. The prickly tropical and creeping shrub is a fun houseplant to have – especially when you have kids around! The leaves may look plain and...
Quick View Chlorophytum comosum, Snake Plant

6" Spider Plant Hanging Basket

Chlorophytum comosum Spider Plants are popular house plants recognized for their air-purifying abilities and striking foliage. The most common varieties typically exhibit thin, narrow green leaves with distinctive white stripes. The leaves gracefully...
Quick View Pothos Hanging Basket

6" Pothos Hanging Baskets

Here’s an assortment of Pothos plants to add to your growing plant collection. Reputable and widely popular as houseplants, these trailing vines look great in hanging baskets or small pots. They offer lots of attractive varieties with green, heart-shaped...
Quick View Philodendron Hanging Baskets at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

6" Philodendron Hanging Baskets

Here’s a hand-picked set of easy-to-care-for Philodendrons that are ideal for novice plant lovers and collectors alike. A must-have addition to your indoor jungle, these luxurious foliage plants feature leaves in varying sizes, shapes, textures, and...
Quick View Boston Fern Hanging Basket

6" Boston Fern Hanging Basket

This product is currently part of a Buy One Get One Free Promotion.Your free plant will automatically be sent to your shopping cart. Nephrolepis exaltata Boston ferns are customer favourite for both inside and outside the home. They look great on a patio...
Quick View 4" Staghorn Fern

4" Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern got its name from its antler-like, green, and leathery leaves. It’s one of the most unusual yet beautiful houseplants that add a tropical look to your space. Just hang it in baskets or place it on branches, and this famed fern will do...
Quick View Peperomia caperata, Peperomia Ripple

4" Peperomia Ripple

Sporting heart shaped leaves with deep puckering ripples, Peperomia caperata really stands out. Because of their succulent-like stems, these plants tend to be droopy drama queens when overwatered, but will quickly perk back up once their soil dries out...
Quick View Nephthytis Butterfly Plant, 4" Tropical

4" Nephthytis Butterfly

Also known as Arrowhead Plant.  This naturally bushy plant is an indoor favourite because of its broad leaves and easy-going nature. As the plant grows and matures it starts to vine, giving you the option to prune it and keep its original bushy shape or...