Tropical Plants

Quick View 4" Curly Spider Plant Hanging Basket at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

4" Curly Spider Plant Hanging Basket

A curly variety of the traditional spider plant, this indoor tropical is recognized for its air-purifying abilities and striking foliage. The leaves gracefully arch downwards, making an attractive display of greenery in hanging baskets. The plant forms...
Quick View 6" White Bird of Paradise at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

6" White Bird Of Paradise

Strelitzia nicolai One of the most popular indoor houseplants, the White Bird of Paradise is pleasing to the eye and brings a tropical feel to indoor spaces. Its large, dramatic, glossy, leaves grow mostly upright and are supported by sturdy stems. If...
Quick View 8" Dragon Fruit Rex Begonia at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

8" Begonia Rex Hanging Basket

Rex begonias are dramatic plants with showy leaves that display brilliant colouring and variegation. This particular variety is Dragon Fruit Begonia which features grey/green foliage with red veining and vivid red stems. Currently, these baskets are...
Quick View 10" Potted Italian Fig Tree at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

10" Italian Fig

Ficus cirica Did you know that our original Italian fig tree cuttings were taken from our founder, Alex Colasanti? Alex used to grow white honey and brown fig trees in his backyard. This fig tree bears edible fruit from July to September and will start...
Quick View 4" Ruby Red Fern Moss at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

4" Fern Moss - Ruby Red

Despite its delicate appearance, ruby red fern moss is a hardy plant that is easy to grow. Its lacy fronds are green on top and a brilliant ruby red underneath. It looks great as ground cover, in terrariums, trailing over the edge of containers, or...
Quick View 6" Prayer Plant at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

6" Prayer Plant Hanging Basket

Maranta Prayer Plant is a popular foliage plant that flaunts a striking display of patterned leaves. Its name originated from the fact that the unique-looking leaves remain flat during the day but fold up, resembling praying hands, at night. This...
Quick View 6" Dracaena Marginata Bicolor

6" Dracaena Bicolor

Dracaena marginata are rugged tropical plants known for their deep green sword-shaped leaves and simple care requirements. This particular variety's leaves are lined with a thin streak of Bordeaux-red and sprout from the soil, making it different from...
Quick View 4" Dracaena Warneckii at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

6" Dracaena Warneckii

The stunning Dracaena Warneckii is easily identifiable by its long, narrow, sword-like leaves. In addition to being rigid, the leaves of this variety exhibit vibrant stripes of white and green. While the colour and stripe details on this plant are often...
Quick View 6" Fittonia Hanging at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

6" Fittonia Hanging Basket

Also called Nerve Plant, this tropical house plant is identifiable by its dark green leaves and bright coloured veins. Fittonia is a low-growing plant which makes it perfect for hanging baskets and terrariums. They are known to wilt if they don't receive...
Quick View 8" Monstera Split Leaf Philodendron Hanging Basket at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

8" Monstera Split Leaf Philodendron HB

An iconic must-have addition to any plant lover's collection, Monstera Deliciosa is as easy to care for as it is beautiful. With deep green, heart-shaped leaves that can easily grow to massive widths, this plant is well known for the vertical splits that...
Quick View 4" Calathea Zebrina at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

4" Calathea Zebrina

Calathea zebrina is a variety of prayer plants known for its striking leaves that are supported by lengthy stems. The top side of the foliage has almost a velvety texture with a base colour of vibrant, light green and brush strokes of deep green. This...
Quick View 14" Open Weave Dracaena Marginata at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

14'' Dracaena Marginata Open Weave 8ppp 60" Height

The woody stems of this 14" potted Dracaena have been braided using an open weave pattern to create an eye-catching trunk. This popular house plant is native to tropical environments, originating in Madagascar and other Indian Ocean Islands. Dracaena is...