Tropical Plants

Quick View Dwarf Watermelon Peperomia

2.5" Dwarf Watermelon Peperomia

Named for its resemblance to the rind of a watermelon, this variety of peperomia typically maintains its compact size and bushy rosette appearance as it grows. Due to its small size, Dwarf Watermelon Peperomia looks great when placed amongst groups of...
Quick View Midnight ZZ Plant at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

4" Midnight ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas oscura This ZZ variety’s densely packed vertical stems are adorned with shiny, green-black leaves that create an eye-catching display.Midnight ZZ is a dark-leaved beauty with a bold visual presence that looks stunning on its own or grouped...
Quick View 6" Red Anthurium at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

6" Anthurium

Anthuriums, also known as Laceleaf, are indoor tropical plants with brightly coloured and unique waxy leaves that resemble flowers. They are durable, easy-care plants that give off an exotic and tropical feel. When cared for properly the colourful spikes...
Quick View Ruby Rubber Plant, Ficus elastica

4'' Rubber Plant Ruby

Ficus elastica Ruby is a variegated variety of rubber plant that is distinguishable by the pink to red tint on its tri-coloured leaves. To help the foliage maintain its variety of colours, keep the plant in bright, indirect sunlight. Belonging to the fig...
Quick View Peperomia San Marino

2.5" Peperomia, San Marino

Sporting tear-drop-shaped leaves with deep puckering ripples, Peperomia San Marino really stands out. Because of their succulent-like stems, these plants tend to be droopy drama queens when overwatered, but will quickly perk back up once their soil dries...
Quick View 10" Petra Croton at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

10" Croton

The croton is a great addition to your home jungle with its colourful and vibrant colours. They have thick, distinctive leaves that display a wide variety of colours such as yellow, pink, red, and orange. This floor plant looks great on patios, just be...
Quick View Ficus elastica, Burgundy Rubber Plant

10" Rubber Plant Burgundy Standard

This beautiful Burgundy Rubber Plant is sure to stand out amongst your plant collection due to its rich, glossy leaves that range in colour from burgundy red to almost black. Rubber Plants can be enjoyed as small to medium indoor house plants by...
Quick View 4" Monstera Adansonii - Swiss Cheese Plant

4" Monstera Adansonii - Swiss Cheese

This variety of philodendron is a must-have addition to your indoor jungle. This plant is well known for its stunning heart-shaped, split leaves in a striking deep green colour, that can easily grow to massive widths. Monstera has a tendency to grow out...
Quick View Calathea ornaata, Pinstripe Calathea

2.5" Calathea Pinstripe

Calathea ornata This radiant Calathea variety is identifiable for its large, deep green foliage with light pink pin-stripes and rich purple colour on the bottom of the leaf. Like other varieties of Calathea, expect the leaves to open and close with the...
Quick View Dwarf Cavendish or Dwarf Musa Banana Plant

4" Banana Plant

While the most common Banana Plant is cultivated for its edible fruits, some varieties make an excellent houseplant. Thanks to the extraordinary display of lush foliage and white blooms, this tropical fruit tree’s tropical charm fit as a lovely décor in...
Quick View Nephthytis Strawberry Cream, Tropical Plant

4" Nephthytis Strawberry Cream

Also known as Arrowhead Plant.  This naturally bushy plant is an indoor favourite because of its broad leaves and easy-going nature. As it grows and matures it starts to vine, giving you the option to prune it and keep its original bushy shape or allow...
Quick View White Butterfly Nephthytis Hanging Basket, Tropical Plant

6.5" Nephthytis Hanging Basket

The Nephthytis Butterfly (Syngonium podophyllum) is a slow-growing indoor vine that works best in pots or hanging baskets. Valued more for its attractive foliage than its blooms, the plant flaunts medium green, arrowhead-shaped leaves with a distinctive...